We have next day appointments for abortion pills. Most procedures can be scheduled same week or next week.
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At Partners Clinic, we understand that every patient has individual needs and experiences and that every reason for seeking an abortion is valid. We will never question a patient’s decision to have an abortion.

Will I need to have counseling before my procedure?

When we use the term “counseling”, we are not referring to therapy or intervention. The objective of our counseling sessions is to offer support to patients and their families, educate the patient about the abortion procedure, and answer any questions that arise. In addition, we use counseling sessions to introduce ourselves to the patient and make them feel safe and comfortable in our clinic. We also use this time to confirm that the patient has not been pressured into their abortion decision. 

Our counselors are experienced Patient Care Technicians and nurses that have been trained in trauma-informed, patient-centered care. After patients meet with a counselor, they will be asked to complete some paperwork and be introduced to the abortion provider. We understand that people of all gender identities, sexualities, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and body types seek abortion care, and we serve patients of all backgrounds.

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