We have next day appointments for abortion pills. Most procedures can be scheduled same week or next week.
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Procedural Abortion Care

Before 26 Weeks - Second Trimester Abortion

Our staff and clinicians at our abortion clinic are committed to patient care. We offer in-clinic procedural abortion care with IV sedation up to 26 week(second trimester) of pregnancy.

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Second Trimester Abortion Services

Partners in Abortion Care stands at the forefront of reproductive health as a leading abortion clinic offering comprehensive second-trimester abortion services. Situated in College Park, Maryland, our clinic, founded and operated by a certified nurse midwife and physician partnership, our clinic is committed to providing top-notch care in a comforting environment. We understand the significance of providing safe and compassionate second-trimester abortion services, and our dedicated team at our abortion clinic ensures a supportive environment where individuals receive personalized attention and expert medical guidance throughout the process. At Partners in Abortion Care, we strive to break barriers and provide accessible, dignified, and empathetic care to all seeking second-trimester abortion services.

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Your partner in abortion care

Providing compassionate, expert abortion care

When people are able to access abortion care with dignity in a safe and supportive environment, they thrive – leading to healthier families and stronger communities. We are an OB/GYN and certified nurse-midwife with more than two decades of abortion care experience. We have dedicated our careers to ensuring people in need have access to the best care possible.

What you can expect:

Women owned and operated

Safe access to abortion care

Our health care experts will help you understand the process so you can make an informed decision that takes your perspective and unique situation into account. Our caring clinicians and staff will support you before, during, and after the procedure.

We can help finding:

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